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About Senior Living, Complimentary Senior Housing Placement

Finding the right assisted living facility or a senior housing facility can be difficult, and require a lot of time to visit and research the quality of life and services that are offered at assisted living facilities. About senior Living Placement can help you find the best facility or senior housing complex quickly. This free service, offers families and seniors an intimate knowledge of assisted living facilities and senior housing complexes throughout the Western United States.


As a referral service, we make it our business to know the finest details about each facility or complex where we refer seniors.

  • Compassion: The process offers compassion to families because we know how difficult placement can be on both your loved ones and your family.
  • Privacy: We offer privacy because we understand why private details need to be discussed.
  • Personal Service: Our service is personal because every senior has a unique set of needs that need to be met by the assisted living facility or a senior housing complex in which they choose to live.
  • Free No Obligation to you: Our service is free to you and your family because we do not want anyone to be turned away because of cost. Every senior should find a home where they belong, where they fit in, and that meets their unique set of needs.

Our entire staff is made up of elder care professionals who not only provide the best referral service they also own the business. Our success is a matter of pride in doing a great job for everyone to whom we provide service. We understand the process that each family must go through as they transition their loved one into a care facility. Senior citizen housing can be complicated. We are here to smooth out that process.

A free, no obligation service that helps families and seniors transition through the placement process. Compassion, privacy, and personal service that recognizes that each senior has a unique set of needs. This free service allows families and seniors to take full advantage of our years of experience and intimate knowledge of assisted living facility and senior housing complexes. Experience that makes a difference try our service today.

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